Female Tincture

Female Tincture

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Female Tincture

12,40 €

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Chaste berry - yarrow

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Chaste berry and yarrow combination, ideal for balancing the female hormones in cases of premenstrual syndrome, infertility and menopause.

Chaste berry activate pituitary gland for regulating and normalising the estrogen-progesterone balance. This action makes it ideal in treating menstrual pain, infertility, pms, menopausal symptoms and other hormonal problems. Is ideal in normalising the menstrual cycle, especially after the use of contraception pills. It also elevates prolactin levels, therefore is used from nursing mothers in order to stabilise milk production. In this case it should be used one eek before labour and one week after. Generally in can be used in acute cases but since it is involved in hormonal secretion paths is more effective when used long-term for at least a year. No side effects have been found.

Yarrow on the other hand can be used in reducing extreme blood flow during menstruation or labour due to its haemostatic action. Its amphoteric action, by stimulating as well as relaxing the uterus muscles makes it ideal in relieving from menstrual cramps. Also as a diaphoretic it promotes sweat production making ideal in treating menopausal hot flashes.

Dilute 20 drops in water and drink three times per day.

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