wild forest mushrooms

wild forest mushrooms

8,00 €

wild forest mushrooms

8,00 €

8,00 € per 50 gr

Variety of dried mushrooms like porcini, Cantharelle, black trumpets, Amanita caesarea, Shiitake, Pleurotus dryinus

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Variety of dried mushrooms like porcini, Cantharelle, black trumpets, Amanita caesarea, Shiitake, Pleurotus dryinus, etc. Ideal for soups, risottos, sauces or straight with wine. The surprise is the addition of one or two units at a time mushrooms will hardly find in other packages. So this year the surprise mushroom is AMANITA caesarea!

Per 100gramm. Product:

Energy 1434.82KJ / 342,44 kcal /

Proteins: 30,59 g

Carbohydrates: 44,67 g

Fat: 4,60 g

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