Rustic scrambled eggs with forest mushrooms and wild garlic

Watch our new recipe with Timoleon Diamantis- Greek MasterChef winner.

Rustic scrambled eggs with forest mushrooms and wild garlic! Watch the video at the end of the page:)

The autumn is here and we choose to work with some of its material. Autumn is the season of fruits, mushrooms and rhizomes in terms of herbs. It is the time when all the materials that nature gives us and especially the mountain of Pelion where we are, smell of earth.

From the mushrooms that are collected, the fruits to make our oils, the roots for the drinks and the elixirs, we prepare for the winter, always accompanied by a hot cup of tea.

A few words about our ingredients that we use:

                                                                Wild garlic

                                                           Powder or leaves


Used traditionally throughout Europe as a spring tonic due to its blood-purifying properties, similarly to bulb garlic, wild garlic is also thought to lower cholesterol and blood-pressure, which in turn helps to reduce the risk of diseases such as heart attack or stroke.Like the domesticated alliums, ramsons are edible and the leaves are an excellent addition to a cheese or pate sandwich. Carefully, pick a handful of leaves without uprooting the bulbs and blend or chop and use like garlic. You can also save the flowers as they make a beautiful edible decoration to savoury dishes.

Whizzed up with walnuts, olive oil and a few tablespoons of parmesan added after, the leaves also make a delicious wild garlic pesto.

Find many recipes by searching for: Ramsons leaves recipe.

Cooking with our materials, send us your proposals, tips and your photos!

                                                              Wild forest Mushrooms 


Isn’t fresh always better? In many cases, yes (always go for fresh herbs, for instance), however for mushrooms, it’s an entirely different story. Dried mushrooms have a meaty texture and a beautiful, concentrated flavour that comes out when you rehydrate them. As someone who follows a plant-based diet, the meaty texture is key in dishes like veggie lasagna and fajitas. Dried mushrooms are also inexpensive, easy to find and keep anywhere from six months to a year as long as they’re stored in a dark, dry place.

But the best part about dried mushrooms is the liquid you’re left with after rehydrating them. Don’t waste it — it’s an incredible bonus ingredient that packs a punch of mushroom flavour. The flavour can be overwhelming, so add one tablespoon at a time, until you get the desired taste, in sauces, soups, or risotto. If you don’t use it all up, store in the fridge in a sealed container for up to five days.

To cook with dried mushrooms, you first have to rehydrate them by soaking them in boiling water and waiting until they come to room temperature. If you’re not in a rush, try soaking them in room temperature water for several hours until soft. The slow soak keeps more of the flavour in each mushroom. If you’re planning to use them in a broth or soup, just add the dried mushrooms straight into the pot. Your mushrooms will take on flavours from the broth and will in turn infuse mushroom-y flavour into the soup.

There are many health benefits of dried mushrooms, we mention here the 2 most important.

First, there is the mushroom’s vitamin D content. Mushrooms content a constituent in their cell walls known as ergosterol. This compound, when exposed to sunlight, is transformed into vitamin D. If we are eating dried mushrooms that have been exposed to sunlight during the winter, we can be getting a lot of vitamin D this way.

Second, there is the protein content in dried mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms have about 10% protein by dried weight. This is similar to many other vegetarian options that are considered higher-protein foods, like beans. Eating a lot of dried mushrooms will help you get more protein into your diet, especially if you do not eat a lot of meat.

Watch here the video (unfortunately the description is in greek) but you can see all the steps.

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