Body Care

Body Care

Our creams are made from organic cold pressed carrier oils and organic essential oils at low temperatures to preserve their nutritional value. Water is replaced with herbal extracts and floral waters (hydrolates). The emulsification is achieved through natural gelling agents, food emulsifiers or vegetable oil derivatives, and the oils are preserved using vitamins, herbal tinctures or ingredients approved for use in organic cosmetics.

Our oil blends consist of a base oil in which essential oils and natural vitamins are diluted for cosmetic or therapeutic use. Our range is made of selected organic, cold-pressed base oils, organic essential oils and vitamins, which we combine according to their properties, so they can act together to achieve the best possible results. The excellent quality of our raw materials together with our knowledge of herbs and their properties and years of experience in their use, offer the concentrated help of nature to care for your body the best you can.

citrus blossom body lotion citrus blossom body lotion 2
Aloe vera gel with lavender
Anti-Cellulite Gel Anti-Cellulite Gel  2
Detox and peeling gift box
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Body Butter βανίλια και φουντούκι Body Butter βανίλια και φουντούκι 2
Intensive hydration hand cream
Body Oil Nourish & Relax
Body Oil Detox & Firm Body Oil Detox & Firm 2
Revitalising Body Wash Revitalising Body Wash 2
Relaxing Body Wash Relaxing Body Wash 2
Body soap gourmet Body soap gourmet  2
Body Scrub Soap Cinnamom Ginger Body Scrub Soap Cinnamom Ginger  2
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