Healing Balms are one of the oldest and most effective ways of using herbs on the skin. Together with thera[eutic oil blends based on traditional herbal medicine we ensure maximum efficacy without side effects.

They contain:

- pure beeswax of our own production that retains moisture and acts as an insulating agent, promoting skin elasticity, - herbs with the desired properties (antimicrobials, emollients, healing agents) which are macerated in

organic, cold pressed olive oil & base oils rich in oleic acid, antioxidant phenols, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin A which help balance skin functions, nourish the skin deeply and fight free radicals

100% natural Vitamin E, a classic antioxidant, which protects against the destruction of the connective tissue caused by free radicals.

- 100% pure organic essential oils

Θεραπευτική αλοιφή για μυοσκελετικά
Θεραπευτική αλοιφή για δερματικά
Θεραπευτική αλοιφή για πανάδες και δυσχρωμίες
Θεραπευτική αλοιφή για ρινική αποσυμφόρηση Θεραπευτική αλοιφή για ρινική αποσυμφόρηση 2
Propolis Balm
Natural cosmetics

Propolis Balm

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Healthy Skin Massage Oil
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